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What are men afraid of?

As a cis gender man who benefits from privilege that I did nothing to obtain, it has become increasingly clear throughout my life as a student, an athlete, an educator, and a citizen that I have more privileges and rights than my friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors simply because I am male. The societal structures that exist are already tilted in favor of men, but the Dobbs ruling has shifted the structure to be even greater in its inequity against women. The existing patriarchal societal structure has been reinforced by this decision. This action strengthened a system of bias and oppression instead of dismantling a biased structure and replacing it with a more equitable and inclusive one. It has also unleashed a fervor among individuals who believe that they now have the right to suppress and oppress women even more. It has pushed misogyny even further out into the open and emboldened men to treat women as objects to be controlled, played with, owned, and cast aside without voice or rights. We find examples in individuals such as Minnesota republican Matt Birk who espouses that pro-choice culture leads to things such as women having careers. Progress is not linear and our current times are an example of the need for citizens to continue to push for the rights of all humans. People most be relentless in pursuit of equity to counter balance the ruthless pursuit of inequity by some fearful men. Our silence is our complicity.

If society truly wants to reduce abortions, then instead of telling women what to do, we should provide better support systems for all women and children, reduce social stigmas on unwed mothers, and create better childcare and healthcare. The current system is one of oppression that has only become stronger this summer, and it needs to dismantled and replaced with new equitable and inclusive societal structures. As a society we all must strive for it

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