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Great day at CAIS CT Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Thank you to CAIS CT for a wonderful Student Diversity Leadership Conference and to Hopkins School as great hosts. It was an honor to facilitate a workshop on allyship and antiracism.

Silence and Inaction Equals Oppression: Allyship and Co-Conspirators Matter

To foster belonging in society, antiracism and anti-bias policies and practices are essential to

breaking down privilege. White Allies can help dismantle structures that perpetuate systemic

discrimination by becoming more than just aware as Allies, but move to action as Co-

conspirators. This workshop provides a framework for how to move beyond awareness into

action by reinforcing or establishing antiracist and anti-bias practices in your community to create truly antiracist community. This interactive session examines the stumbling blocks to creating an antiracist community, such as white privilege, stereotypes, and micro-aggressions. Participants leaving the session will be armed with the knowledge needed to take action to promote an antiracist society.

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