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DEI & Working With The Board of Trustees

It was an honor to present with my friend Eddie Carson at the Association of Independent Schools New England (AISNE) DEI Conference. Thankful that we had a standing room only crowd for our workshop on collaborating with the Board of Trustees on DEI initiatives.

Our workshop explores the core components of running successful Diversity Equity and Inclusion programs at your school. We will examine programs do’s and don’ts and give participants practical takeaways to apply and adapt to their individual schools and circumstances. We examine what factors can be controlled and how to navigate unforeseen circumstances and how each may affect your programs differently. In addition, we provide a toolbox to help negotiate budgets, time, space, communications and marketing among other aspects of programming. These tools will help to ensure the likely success of programs with students, faculty, staff, parents, and alums, no matter what curve balls might be thrown during the process.


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