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Pascale Consulting

Allyship, AntiBias, and AntiRacist training for educational institutions, corporations, municipalities, and leadership teams.



Immersed in the life of independent schools since 2000, Pascale is a seasoned Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practitioner and educator.  Throughout his career Pascale has been focused on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a DEI Director at Middlesex School and Concord Academy, a Dean of Students, and a teacher. In the classroom, Pascale has taught history, humanities, and English and has been engaged in curriculum development centered on DEI initiatives. Additionally, over the past fourteen years, Pascale has led a cohort of colleagues in conducting two national surveys and made three films (Shared Voices, Mosaic: Out of many, we are one, and Shared Voices 2) on the experiences of faculty of color in independent schools. Pascale regularly presents his work for the Association of Independent Schools New England (AISNE), the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and other organizations. He has been a member of the AISNE Diversity Practitioners Planning Committee and a faculty member for the NAIS Diversity Leadership Institute (formerly Summer Diversity Institute). He is a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall, and he holds a B.A. in American Studies. 

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America: All Access Pass or Road Blocks

This interactive workshop explores the privileges and hinderances that face community members as they try to navigate both school communities and life. Some topics of focus include: bias, micro-aggressions, and stereotypes. In this interactive session participants will spend some time in someone else’s shoes exploring how bias, stereotypes, discrimination, and systemic inequity can block our paths toward achieving “success.”

AntiRacism & AntiBias Matters

To foster belonging in your institution, antiracism and antibias policies and practices are essential. This workshop provides a framework for how to reinforce or establish antiracist and antibias practices in your community. This session examines the stumbling blocks to creating an antiracist institution, such as privilege, stereotypes, and micro-aggressions.

Allyship Matters: Silence and Inaction equals Complicity

Everyone has a role in DEI work. It is essential to reach those community members who do not see themselves as a part of DEI work as their commitment is essential to true community building. When people in dominant groups decide to invest in DEI initiatives communities see real change. This session examines privilege and how it influences our communities.

Data Does Not Lie: Hiring and Retention

Explore trends and how data explains what happened, why it happened, what will happen and what can be done. Use data to examine what schools and businesses can do to better recruit, retain, and support faculty of color. Explore the obstacles and the best practices needed to create an inclusive, nourished, and diverse faculty. This session will explore how to discuss and present these topics to your school community by examining data taken from over a ten-year period to notice trends within schools.

Athletics: Fostering Inclusion and Belonging

This interactive workshop explores the DEIB challenges that present themselves in a competitive athletic setting for athletes, coaches, competitors, parents, and referees. The session is designed to assist members of the athletic community in navigating economic, emotional, and cross-cultural elements associated with the sport. This session will involve examination of various scenarios based on actual events. 

Empathy Matters

This interactive workshop explores curriculum and the intentional introduction of empathy and navigating awkward discussions through the lens of antibias training. The objective is to provide participants with an introduction to intercultural competency by examining matters of gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion, class, sexual identity, and spirituality.

Additional Services

Additional services include:

Individual DEIB coaching,  DEIB Audits,  Curriculum Audits,  Climate Surveys & assessments,  Hiring & retention data analytics,  Best practices coordinating with leadership and the board of trustees. 

Master Classes

Fall Virtual Classes       

Allyship Virtual Master Class - Single Session

Saturday, February 24th

Time 10-1 (Times eastern)  

Cost - $150


Virtual Allyship Cohort #1

Wednesdays, January 31st and February 7th  

Time 7:30-9pm  (Eastern)     Cost - $200  

Registration for future single and cohort allyship sessions will open later this fall.  For group rates or other questions, please contact

Allyship Master Class

– Awareness to Action


Over the course of the three days or in a single session, participants will learn to not just be aware of the need for allyship but to facilitate dialogues around allyship, antiracism, and antibias. In our current climate, there is a growing need to prepare educators to be active allies for all community members, to be ready to have awkward conversations, and to develop the skills necessary to navigate the emotional experiences related to allyship, antiracism, and antibias. This class is designed for individuals who are looking to gain more hands-on experience in facilitating difficult dialogues. Through individual and group activities, participants will better understand their personal connections to issues of allyship and learn how to be an active ally and advocate within their community. This master class will guide participants from awareness into action to become true allies.

Online Courses
Online Courses

DEIB course offerings allow individuals or groups to engage in DEIB trainings at their own pace. The courses can be taken taken individually or in units and can also be paired with in person programs. Shifting DEIB initiatives from conversations to practice takes time and these online courses allow you to reach your community in a flexible format. They also allow continuing training for new, incoming faculty and staff on an annual basis.

Course Offerings

Available online courses include:

restorative justice



empathy matters

class matters

cross cultural competency

digital citizenship

and more

Book a Workshop with Pascale
and the Following Featured Collaborators

Kip Bordelon and the Picardy Group

Pascale and Kip facilitate workshops for businesses, higher ed and k-12 schools across the country focused on leadership training and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. We can provide individualized services catered to the needs of your institution and we can add a larger team of colleagues if needed. You can find Kip Bordelon at


Michael Eatman and Culture7. Co

Pascale and Michael facilitate workshops for educational institutions focused on organizational change and diversity, equity, and inclusion intiatives. We can provide individualized services catered to the needs of your institution and we can add a larger team of colleagues if needed. You can find Michael at


Clients and Collaborations

Association of Independent Schools New England

Chase Collegiate School (CT)

City of Amesbury, MA

Concord Academy (MA)

Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS)

Cushing Academy (MA)

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School (MA)

Ethel Walker School (CT)

Frederick Gunn School (CT)

Foote School (CT)

Georgetown Public Schools (MA)

Hamden Hall Country Day School (CT)

Landon School (MD)

Irshad Manji & Moral Courage

Manchester Essex Regional School District (MA)

Masconomet Regional School District (MA)

Middlesex School (MA)

Miss Porter's School (CT)

National Association of Independent Schools

NAIS Diversity Leadership Institute

New Canaan Country School (CT)

Newburyport Public Schools (MA)

Pomfret School (CT)

Portsmouth Abbey School (RI)

Taft Summer School (CT)

Tenacre Country Day School (MA)

Triton Regional School District (MA)

White Privilege Symposium 


"I often don't think about the privilege that I have as a white woman in my everyday life. While we often consider white males having the most privilege, white women have more privilege than many other people. It's important to consider the privilege I have and how lack of privilege affects people in their everyday lives. This workshop was an excellent, interactive way to bring inequities to the surface." 

– Adult workshop participant

"In my hunger to be heard for my lack of privilege as a person of color, I had closed myself off to assessing my own privilege."

- Student workshop participant

"The onus is not on individuals, but rather on all of us." 

- Student workshop participant

"Beyond awesome today! I have had nothing but great feedback. What a wonderful start to some good work. Thanks for everything!"

- Superintendent of schools

"Pascale reached out to me  wondering if I would be interested in joining a group of educators working on a documentary. Pascale explained in detail the film that the group had been working on, the reason for making the film, and the work that still needed to be done. Under his competent leadership, my transition to the project was seamless. Not only did Pascale demonstrate a love and dedication for the project, his enthusiasm was palpable during the presentation of the film and follow-up questions at the conference. I look forward to partnering with Pascale on another project shortly. He is a capable, organized, and fantastic colleague and champion of DEI work."

-Eera Sharma


"The workshop was a great, eye opening experience."

– Adult workshop participant



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