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Allyship is not a Part Time Thing: Steps to being a good white ally

To bring about change, those of us with privilege need to stop resting on privilege and help others have the same access to opportunities and success that we experience. If you are a member of a dominant group, then remember that true allyship is not a part time thing. Oppression is not a part time thing, and thus allies need to be invested on a full time basis. Here are some steps to get you started at being a good ally:

  • Listen, listen, listen - be a good listener

  • Acknowledge your own privilege

  • Speak up and act if something is offensive. Silence equals complicity.

  • Do not try to be a savior

  • Do business with companies that promote anti-bias and anti-racist practices.

  • Be proximate

  • Be aware of your own bias

  • Recognize that societal structures do not support everyone equally

  • Recognize that American society celebrates cis, hetero, white, Christian, fully abled, males above all else

  • Understand that you are not being personally attacked

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